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Sami Viking Jewelry - Handcrafted Nordic Natural Elegance

I have since childhood always loved to create beautiful things with my hands, as embroidery, crochet, beadwork and leatherwork.
When I, about 10-12 years ago first discovered the fascinating craft: Pewter Wire Embroidery or Tin Thread Embroidery in an old library book of ancient Sami Lapland Art and Crafts, I was hooked! I just had to learn to make these wonderfull Bracelets and pieces of jewelry!

After making the first ones for myself, I just couldnĀ“t stop, but found and find all the time new ways of braiding the pewter wire and adding leather cords, leather laces, sterling silver, goldplated and gemstone beads and swarovski crystals to the different braiding designs and together with the different colors of reindeer leather and other kind of leather types as lamb- and goatskin, the design possibilities of making these awesome pieces of jewelry are almost infinite!

Having so many compliments and positive feedback on the Sami bracelets and Necklaces I wore and questions of where to go buy them, I decided it was time to present and selling my handcrafted jewelry in a wider scale. When searching the market I found that this kind of jewelry was very hard to find and very expensive and mostly in few and conservative designs.

With my Etsy shop, I hope to have made these wonderfull pieces of jewelry available to affordable prices, to all who admires authentic handcrafted scandinavian culture and design.

Lisbeth Svendsen - Northern Sealand - Denmark

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