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Sami Viking Jewelry - Handcrafted Nordic Natural Elegance

All my Sami viking bracelets, necklaces, earrings and hair clips are custom handmade to your order, with precision and care for detail.
I use only authentic and best quality materials from Lapland in Northern Sweden:

* Reindeer leather or lambskin, silk soft and mainly vegetable tanned. I currently have 30 different leather colors, for you to choose from.
* Spun thread in pewter (w. 4% silver), 14k gold filled, copper and black copper - You can currently choose between more than 80 different designs and styles.
* Reindeer antler buttons, naturally shed and hand carved.

These beautiful pieces of handcrafted leather jewelry are originated from the fascinating ancient Northern Scandinavian folklore craft: 'Tenntraadsbroderi' or 'Tin Thread Embroidery', created by the native Sami culture, still living in Arctic Lapland.

Viking Sami jewelry requires no special care, but should be removed before showering and bathing.
The spun wire braids will flatten a bit over time, and get a more polished look, which only will add a nice patina to your 'Piece of the North'.

Please contact me, if you have any questions or custom requests, regarding design, style, color or size; I can create your new Viking Sami bracelet, necklace, hair clip or earrings, almost exactly as you wish :)

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